Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Wellness Archipelago at the Dnieper River in Kiev by Budi pradono architects

Designing the future of the islands along the Dnieper River is based on some fundamental questions: Can these islands reunite the city of Kiev, both conceptually and physically? Can these islands drive the new economy like the past? Can Dnieper River and the whole island in it provide new inspiration for its society? From the list of questions at the end we put forward a proposal on envisioning the entire area with the archipelago wellness concept.

The policy of the conservation causes the river dividing the city into two areas. Therefore the urban design concept is how to reunite the two areas in the city of Kiev is. By making this a wellness Archipelago, the islands are expected to revive the spirit of the economic progress of the past in general as they will provide several programs that relate to the key concept, namely: social wellness, physical wellness, environmental wellness, financial wellness etc. This concept which is translated into several wellness strategies is to categorize related wellness programs into several devices that consist of the ribbon, the follies, the artificial Islands, the urban patterns, and the dancing sticks.

Bridges are scattered randomly in the region, act as devices that allow it to develop various kinds of programs needed in the area; the bridge is able to adapt to local environments, for example, could be a digital corridor, which is able to position themselves as digital media provider, this bridge can also be a center of research, can be a complex series of accommodations such as resorts or hotels, food courts platform, or as a wellness spa complex. Because this bridge is a structure length and height can of course also serves as a rescue for flood hazards.
This ribbon snaking a fluid from one end of the island to another island, the goal is to provide an informal connection between some remote places and also connect a wide range of programs that exist on some islands. Ribbon is so unique that has a topology which makes it easier to change its shape to fit the needs of its location. This ribbon can be a pathway, it can be a pergola, could become a mere shelter, rollercoaster, canopy, bridge, or street furniture. Ribbon metamorphosis that has the ability to adjust and change its shape to follow and define them in order to fit the specificity of the place.

Follies which is the modal points on both sides of the river provides for the distribution of urban injection encouraging newvitality. Tourism injects new energy; this Follies have the opportunity to transform the social and physical context in each district. These nodes to accommodate a variety of inspiration for the surrounding community, a tourist information center or the center of public services, such as data centers, or a research center, or clinic, or just an internet café,

Artificial Island is a device that provides new cultural values, although the oval shape is very specific, this artificial island could be made as rig at sea, can be built upon a variety of cultural buildings such as concert halls, museums, and galleries and music venue. These islands will move the economy and culture simultaneously. This artificial island will also turn on the water transport
The pattern of urbanity, which is to provide a marker to differentiate between artificial and non artificial forest, between landscape and research farm and therefore the strip pattern that can define their border. Other patterns are honeycomb urbanity; this pattern was found in the old urban pattern is transformed into an archipelago area as a stain forming activity,for various programs. Honeycomb may activate the region.


These sticks are used as a marker of the city, represents the landmark of the future, stick on one region is presented with certain parameters, if the region that dominates many areas of industry, then this could turn function sticks as offices, commercial areas and apartments. This stick has certain rules that have a tendency to dance with the provisions and certain degree,

The five elements mentioned above may seem like a stand-alone but they are layers that integrate related and complementary. This can be elaborated and is visible through a series of interpretations on each island. They are specific even though the whole island already has zonings prepared by the government but the entire archipelago will live with putting some of these new devices.

Starting from Muromets and Lopuhovatyi Islands, the areas have unique characteristics as a conservation area. Please note that these islands always flooded, so that in this archipelago and the Muromets and Lapuhovatyi Islands there are several bridges that are above average when the flood reaches 6-8 m which can be a National Disaster Control System as a center for environmental research and rescue flood victims. Some diagonal patterns that provide opportunities for the researcher to develop plants as objects of research are also created in this area. While in Lopuhovatyi island the wellness center is placed filled with some programs, such as a place of retreat, yoga centers, and meditation. In Venetsianskyi, several Follies which become markers for a connector of the two regions are also placed on the river as Intellectual wellness Island, cultural island, library and concert hall. This region is the bridge, which has a range of variants namely: Hotel and food court or a private Villa, which will support the Water Park zone. While Conservation Center which is focused on environmental Wellness; flora and fauna in the form of research centers and Conservation Center are located in Olzhyn Island. Since there are some industries in Galernyi Island, the development focused on the physical, such as Sport Center, Hotel, Residential and Education Center as well.

Some basic geometric patterns developed as a guideline for future landscape development. Honeycomb-shaped pattern and the strips are coupled to each other and juxtaposed with various other tools such as ribbon, follies and the bridge that can activate a variety of activities which exist in the various islands.

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