Saturday, January 14, 2012

Miami Beach Parking Garage By Zaha Hadid

The spiralling structure will be located in the Collins Park area in the northeast of South Beach, a neighborhood that’s home to the Miami City Ballet, the Bass Museum, the City Library as well as the Gansevoort, W and Setai luxury hotels. Collins Park is also just blocks away from the Miami Beach Convention Center, the Frank Gehry-designed New World Center and the popular automobile-free Lincoln Road Mall.
Hadid’s new design is expected to continue to raise the bar for garages worldwide. The City of Miami Beach is currently working with Ms. Hadid to determine commencement dates for the new garage’s design plans and construction.
So closes the Year of Zaha, not with a bang but with whimper, registered as another generic composition of sinuous lines and edges bound up by the architect’s cladding of choice–shiny white nonmaterial. The Architect’s Journal has newly-released renderings for Zaha Hadid’s proposed $12.5 million car park at Collins Park in Miami Beach. The design is a 5-storey tall body of shifting curvilinear plates that from some angles appears as the resultant formal scenario wherein an earthquake has breached the taut envelope of FLW’s Guggenheim rotunda and set the constituent floors askew. Hadid’s garage, which lies in proximity of Frank Gehry’s New World Symphony complex, follows the formula of its successful predecessors, Herzog & de Meuron’s car park/event venue at 1111 Lincoln Road and Enrique Norten‘s recently completed garage at 420 Lincoln Road, which combines branded form making with hybrid programs including retail space for shops and nightclubs.


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