Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Adi House, Pluit Jakarta

Budi Pradono Architects

4 strategies
This project is a challenging project because the architect has to propose solution for house that close to the jakarta’s reservoirs, and every year has been hit by flood. Finally, we use 4 main strategies and the creative solution.

A two-story house part of Pluit Gated Community which is located near the Pluit reservoirs. In 2013, when Jakarta got hit by heavy rain, this full of garbage reservoir was overflowing, which cause all houses in this area was drowned in the 3 meters deep flood. The family owner slept on second floor. When they woke up in the morning, all of their furniture and car has been drowned by water. Finally, They contacted me as their architect and asks for design to redesign his already drowned house. The question is, “What can architect do to answer this challenge, how to propose new house and how they made it has no problem with flood in the future?”
First idea is solution by raising the ground floor around 1.2 meters and the other one is programming consolidation. The third idea is creating steel frame structure like traditional architecture with steel poles, so we can make it by using fabrication system and placing the bedroom on the highest floor. The fourth strategies is creating urban void, which is an atrium in the center of building. This urban void also serves as regulator for lighting and wind in the entire building interior. On one of its side, we made garden with different levels that give the green part for the building.

Programming Strategy
Programming distribution is arranged in such way. On the ground floor, car garage, stairs, warehouse and other services function are created. This is to anticipate, if there is flood, this is the only area that will be affected. On the next floor, it used as family room, dining room and pantry. On the floor above it, there is master bedroom that stretches on the North side, and then next to it there are two kid’s bedroom facing outside. This building mass has corridor toward the atrium, so this area become the family communication area. On the highest floor, fitness room or lobby room is created. Above the atrium, there is glass that can distribute lighting to the whole rooms, so at noon, the room will be brighter. The material under this glass is made of stainless steel, which was made like a box that fall from the space using laser cutting technique.

The main structure use steel to accelerate its engineering path. All bedrooms on second floor covered by perforated metal, even though they use glass. On the master room, we use combination between marble and teak wood, and it is made so it will be transparent toward the master bathroom. Walk in robe/clothes changing room was made elongated and spacious, but still has opening toward atrium.

Natural lighting and ventilation system
The atrium as main void in the central of the building is covered with glass, and this area will distribute the natural lighting to the entire building. On this side, we also placed big fans with 3 meters diameter, because the glass above it will be heated up because of the sun, so the cool air from ground floor will be absorbed above. This is what created the path for natural ventilation path that will accelerate the air movement from bottom side to top area.

Budi Pradono

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