Monday, November 2, 2009

useful art by Richard Hutten at PLUSDESIGN, Milan

“I make things to be used,” he says. “When people send me photos like these, of my furniture in their homes, that’s the biggest compliment they can pay me.” He looks around at his Bronto chairs and Elephant hassocks standing pristine and captive in the exhibit. “The museum isn’t a natural environment for my work,” he reflects. “I’m not about perfect images, but real objects for real people.”

Given the strongly architectonic element in his work, more adventures in building seem inevitable. “There will absolutely be a Richard Hutten building one day,” he agrees. He is also working on a series of photographs of people in their own homes, which will form the basis of an exhibition and book. “The theme is voyeurism,” he says. “The subject is people who are just waking up and going about their morning routines, all over the world. It’s based on sequences. I’ve been a fan of Eadweard Muybridge and his time-lapse images since I was a kid.”

One plan Hutten does not have is to enlarge his studio. “I have five people working for me, and I want to keep it small,” he says. “We’re like a rock band and I’m the singer/songwriter—I’m very selective about the commissions I take on, and I do all the design. I don’t want to run a design factory. If someone calls up and asks for a Richard Hutten, then a Richard Hutten is exactly what they’re going to get.”

all photographs by budi pradono

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