Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Publication: Kencana House by Budi Pradono Architects in Habitus no 22 / January 2014

Space, calmness, serenity

Among Indonesia’s younger of imaginative and innovative architects, BUDI PRADONO is particularly prominent. PAUL MCGILLICK visit to JAKARTA house of his which has benefited close collaboration with the clients.

It is said that good architecture needs a good client. The question is what constitutes a good client? For some architects a good client is one with open cheque book . For other a good client is one who stays out of the way.

But often the best clients are engaged they knows what they want, they insist on being part of the process and they contribute to the outcome. They can be difficult off course. But then there’s no gain without pain.

I don’t think the client for the Kencana House in Jakarta was difficult, but he was certainly engaged, providing the architect, Budi Pradono, with detailed written brief beginning with quote from Louis Kahn; “Architecture is the thoughtful making of space” There follows a dot point of description. “Who are we?”, a detailed site plan is indicating issues to which the house needed to respond, the character of the ‘dream house’, general and specific whist list, an example of the kind of house he was looking for and a detailed programme for a three storey house complete with the roof garden....
(full article on page 112-124/Habitus #22 January-March 2014)

                                                    All photos by Masano Kawana

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