Monday, April 22, 2013

pratt institute graduate project exhibition 2013

Karya karya yang terpampang ini adalah karya mahasiswa lulusan Pratt Institute New York jurusan arsitektur dan Urban design, berupa instalasi yang di pimpin oleh studio tutor Softlab (Michael Szivoz)
Instalasi ini dibuat di hazel and Robert H siegel Gallery

the exhibition groups the work into clusters based on the type of project, where it was located, how it was conceived, and by semester. the projects
from spring 2012 to fall 2012 are arranged in a three dimensional grid - dynamically adjusted into clusters around four qualities the exhibited pieces.
each submission provides a cloud like cell structure that looks like it is grown rather than organized. the underside of the suspended volume is clad
with color coded images of the student work, creating a solid landscape of images at various angles that visitors explored much like a cave. the bottom
appears continuous and solid, where the upper section implements a porous surface to allow ceiling light to penetrate into the gallery. constructed
utilizing over 250 unique 'cells', the form relies on redundancy, many connections, complexity, and irregularity to produce an overall structure
that is light, nimble, unique, but still open in its ability to grow.

all images by: Alan Tensey
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