Monday, December 5, 2011

Artificial Topography by Ryumei Fujiki

 Kira kira menghabiskan seribu lembar plastik yang lembut (soft plastic) dengan ketebalan 10 mm dipotong-potong menyerupai kontur lalu dilaminasi seperti stratum menjadikan karya Ryumei Fujiki menjadi sebuah gua sekaligus furniture yang topografis.

My idea is to hollow out the volume inside a container in order to build amorphous space like a cave. This “Artificial Topography” is made of only plastic material as same as my famous work “Aqua-scape”. 
About 1000 sheets of the soft plastic material of 10-mm thickness were cut down in contour line form, and were laminated like a stratum. This is not only art work but also one big furniture. 
Because all the portions are soft like a sofa, and person who enter into this space can relax by finding the place suitable for the form of its own body.
This project is not only considered art work, but also functions as a large piece of furniture. Because all the portions are soft like a sofa, the sofa provides visitors with a nice space for relaxing.
The architect has a great interest in nature, especially the systems of nature. Like many other projects designed by Ryumei Fujiki, Artificial Topology was highly inspired by forms found in nature.
I am a great interest in nature especially the system of nature. Two years ago, the exhibition “Aqua-scape: The Nature-oriented Architecture of Ryumei Fujiki” held in England. 
In the exhibition, a lot of experimental architectural projects that had worked up in the Fujiki Studio of Kogakuin University and the execution works which I had cooperated with Yukiko Sato as F.A.D.S in each category that I obtained the inspiration from nature such as “Solar”, “Air”, ”Water”, ”Ground”, “Crystal”, “Biological”, “Flower”, and “Aurora” were exhibited.
Because these aimed to approach “Nature” more closely, it was named “Nature-oriented Architecture”.And therefore, this “Artificial Topography” is the recent project of the Nature-oriented Architecture as “Ground” category.
Architects: Ryumei Fujiki
Location: Kobe city, Japan
Client: Kobe Biennial Committee
Project Team: Fujiki Studio, KOU::ARC, Kensuke Kawamura, Yoshiki Tachi, Shun Simoya, Kohaku Furihata, Yuki Sakurada, Toshihiko Hatori, Yoshito Fukaya, Yuji Uemura, Yuki Ishigami
Colaboration: Yukiko Sato (F.A.D.S)
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Ryumei Fujiki, Masahiro Hoshida

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