Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hill City, New Taipei City Museum of Arts by Budi pradono architects 2011

The vision for the contemporary Taipei Museum of Art is
How to intergrate the building with the existing nature of the city ?
How if we create a museum at the same time function as playground for the people ?

How if we create another landscape to integrate within the existing park To maintain the existing pathways and bicycle track ?
How can we attract people, even those who normally would not visit the collections?
How if we combine 5 different tower with undulating landscape, which contains of combination of different programs ?

The aim of the plan is to achieve a highly differentiated accessible neighborhood, which avoids mono functionality and develops a maximum differentiated and lively neighborhood by differentiation in volumes, programs public space, roofscape as new landscape, sizes, entrances, and materials. By combination and the same time separation of different programs, the five different towers become vertical sandwich of the collection.

Which connected each other with different sky bridges. The envelope allows for two-storey high volume, which creates a series of courtyards the maximize light and air into the building. By deforming and lifting these stories maximally a sandwich of landscape can be realized that counterbalance.

It produces a of arches up to 15 meters high creating a large urban grotto. it not only creates better views from the building under and over the adjacent building and towards the surroundings, but also creates a new connectivity between the people who visit the museum and the people who want to play in the park.

It allows for semi public roof the because of this bending act can be describe as sequence of slopes and hills.

By lifting part of the building in the air, the area under the building will be a shaded plaza. under the programmatic roof, plays dance performance and concerts can be held.

At the same time the museum will be more present and visible, seen from all around the park.

The manipulation of the roof can cause diversification, separation or unity. this undulation allows for the positioning the communal element of the program such as restaurant, children playground, and urban plaza.

The shallowness of the roof also allows for public access to use the roof as a new attraction of contemporary hill in the city.

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