Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meja Karet karya Thomas Schnur

Thomas Schnur seorang perancang dari Jerman memanfaatkan karet penyedot lubang toliet yang mampet. Idenya ini menyebabkan kaki meja yang fleksible sekaligus bisa menempel pada media lantai maupun dinding. Ide unik dan brilian memang bisa didapat dari mana saja. Meja ini dipamerkan pada imm cologne di Jerman yang berlangsung mulai tanggal 18-23 Januari 2011.

Rubber Table

The drain or toilet plunger is an item, which, though it receives little attention, is actually extremely useful. Rubber Table adopts its idiosyncratic aesthetics and transfers them to a new environment. The rubber plunger has become a table leg – setting in motion a new way of looking at this ambivalent object. Manufacturing it from dyed foam rubber preserves the color and the feel of the original object.
In my projects I always attempt to negotiate with the product I am to design. I negotiate on the weighting of materials, manufacturing, appearance, meaning and function. I break down this task into its characteristics and meanings. I then analyze, assess and construct the idea.
In this, it is important to me that despite their cross-references, the products, which are often created from familiar fragments, are able to development the greatest possible degree of autonomy. In this way, they allow for associations but, beyond this, develop their own potential for becoming autonomous products.”

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