Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bubble of mind

Bubble of mind

The gathering space is something flying in the sky like a balloon or a bubble. A network of these spaces, of various sizes and scales, float freely above the city, each interior a reflecting the wish of the people inside creating their own unique virtual destination, a response to each of their individual senses. Spaces are free to join, merge, kiss and create larger gathering spaces, or remain singular, all depending on the will of the occupants. At the same time a variety of programs which may prompt social meetings also fly around – sports venues, karaoke halls, cafes, and so on can be found, with people free to gather here as they wish.

Project Credit:

A Community Gathering Place

Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition

Location: New York

architect: budi pradono architects

team : Budi Pradono, Adhi Wibowo, Ian Flood, Ajay Mistry

Design date: June-July 2009

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