Tuesday, August 11, 2009

R-House, Tanah Baru Depok South jakarta by budi pradono architects 2009

How the house does have a new relation with the nature? Not a rigid segregation

Should we plant trees outside the house? How if we plant trees inside the house?

And become inseparable part from spaces inside the house

How if the house’ roofs have a new role as a CO2 producer? Or green garden that reduce heat?

Cohabitation is the main theme of this design of the house in which in the front side directly connecting to the neighbor and surrounding environment, this building is only in the form of verandah/porch such as local traditional house, in which people can make social interaction more easily. Its façade design also constitutes interpretation of local ornament, by displaying colors only on glasses.

In the rear side of building where the family gets together, its façade is made more fluid, unfolding. Its interior has special relations to the nature, outdoor and indoor has new relations. Bathroom is designed wider and more comfortable to remain using gadget as communication device.

architect: budi pradono architects

project architect: budi pradono 

assistant project architects: Adhi Wibowo, Rina Nur Aisah, Adam M Prana

support assistant: Daryanto (model maker), Ajay Mistry (documentation), Ian Flood & Primaldi Perdana (design supervisor assistant)

Structural Engineer: Toyo Cahya Konstruksi

MEP: PT. Metrik Tata Sarana

Interior designer: Budi Pradono

Landscape designer: Gonku

Structural Contractor: Suhartono

MEP contractor: Adi & Associates

Design stage: 2008-2009

construction stage; 2009-2010



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