Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Benetton shop at Vali Asr street, Tehran, Iran by Budi Pradono Architects 2009

The design concept for Benetton design strategy is based on the following principles: The architectural research is premised on the notion that the Benetton concept is in fact a 24-hour concept. Either online or offline, Benetton is always open and accessible to fully maximized this concept there have to be Benetton shop in different time zone. The shop strategy therefore points to a network of shops looped around the globe. To make the node in the network complementary to each other and this promote customer movement and cultural exchange both real & virtual, from one Benetton to other Benetton shop.

The new program is designed to encourage more people to enjoy the public space as an anticipation of a fatique  along the Vali Asr Ave street. The Shop concept is a mixture of fixed and free arrangement. The groundfloor area is a shortcut way for the pedestrian from Vali Asr Ave to  Salmak st, and also a place for people to relax, as an anticipation of the fatique. Therefore the new Benetton building becomes new destination as a contemporary place for people to gather with several ceremonial events such as music or product launching.

Part of the concept proposal is the movable furniture. All furniture in the ground floor are movable, when the shop change function at night as public gathering space, they can be shifted around and serve as storage units. This atrium offers views to all sides, as well as to the sky and thus visually connects to all floors. The elevator follows the some trajectory as they offering different experience.

Project name: Benetton Shop in Tehran (on parcel A)

Architects: Budi Pradono Architects (BPA) 

project architect: Budi Pradono, assistant project: Rina Nur Aisah, Adi Wibawa R.


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