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O park in Bali by Budi Pradono


O - Park is a place where creative thinkers gather, from all around the world. Therefore this place must be particularly conducive to the gathering of various people from various backgrounds who are bound by creativity. As a result, Oreum must create a pleasant environment in which to think, work, and argue, while also balancing sports, yoga, and wellness.


Two options idea

I want to propose two options based on the same fundamental concept, namely how to create a built environment that is very distinct from the environment at home, by creating a courtyard in the middle of the building that represents a new natural tropical forest.


Balinese concept

I want to implement a Balinese-style life balance program by dividing the site into 9 parts and the programming will be comprised of various autonomous yet interconnected pods.



I want to design a courtyard / atrium with a round shape that incorporates tropical forest flora and serves as the focal point for all activities. In addition to the main courtyard, there are numerous more smaller circular courtyards surrounding the main courtyard. The purpose of these additional courtyards is to let natural light into the building.


Form A

There are two shape ideas interpreted in this site. The first is the basic shape of a box combined with a cylinder to form a courtyard. This cylinder is in the middle of the box and is the element that gets the articulation of the wall elements / lines that divide the box leading to the residential building beside it, so that it has a visual relationship. This cylinder is also comprised of a series of louvres that allow natural light to enter each and every space. On the perimeter the entire box is surrounded by concrete fins which will reduce the sun's heat so that the people inside will get thermal comfort.



Form B

The second form is in the form of a starfish in the form of an ocean wave which erodes the box shape into an irregular star shape plus a round shape which subtracts this star shape right at the center so that a courtyard or round atrium is formed in the middle where we can present a tropical forest. A small articulation was also made in the form of a defining line element in the form of a glass / glass block which leads to the neighboring building. This is intended as a defining element and to provide natural lighting into the building. On the entire perimeter of the star wall there are lots of woven fins that will neutralize the sun's heat inside the building.


Respond to the Green Architecture and Sustainability

The main material used is tonnah or beton tanah = soil concrete which is a concrete material that uses a mixture of local soil. The method entails combining the filtered dirt with cement, gravel, sand, or husks in the appropriate proportions. This material is cast in the same way as concrete, this material is similar to ramped-earth where this material can retain heat so that the building feels cooler.



In order to achieve a look that is consistent with the structure of the main building, the padel that is constructed above the parking lot makes an effort to employ roofing material that is both flat and thin.


Coworking Space

This coworking space is a fluid space located near the atrium area so they can work and study while experiencing the tropical forest. In certain locations, Formal meeting rooms comprised of air-conditioned pods are given in some locations. This area provides not only a place for more casual meetings and conversations, but also casual pods or informal space that may be organized in whatever way that works best for the group at any given time.


Wellness Room, Beauty Spa & Mini Golf

The wellness and beauty spa area is a balancing element which is located on one side of the building but is directly related to the fitness area and mini golf so that they can use the changing room alternately. Users will be able to continue to take in the natural world beyond the walls of the building thanks to the strategic placement of this space.


The gym is situated adjacent to the courtyard so that those exercising will feel as though they are in a tropical forest. In addition to holding comprehensive equipment, the facility is arranged so that all equipment leads to the courtyard. On the other hand, there is a space for group activities, such as yoga or aerobics, a training area with broad mirrors, and everything is arranged to facilitate concentration and coordination. We ensure that more natural light can penetrate the space. On the other hand, we provide an outdoor space in the courtyards so that everyone can exercise outside without leaving the building and take advantage of the copious sunlight as a vitamin source.






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