Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Musk House, sebuah rumah di planet Mars oleh Budi Pradono


Musk House,

Ini adalah sebuh konsep rumah di Mars, Bagaimana jika kita dapat mengatasi ketersediaan oksigen, dan salah satu strategy untuk mereduksi sinar ultraviolet yang panas dengan cara membangunnya di dalam planet dibawah tanah merah ... lalu kita bisa membuat seluruh dinding nya dari tanah yang dibuat dengan metode 3D print .... 

Musk House What if in the wilderness there was a mountain with a dry savanna just like in Mars? Is it possible we can create a house that is buried under the ground? Or we dig it like a well? People will be able to enjoy the silence as well as the beauty of the layers of soil that are visible on the walls. So I thought that in mars with several conditions. First for all, it should be made underground as thermal insulation, just like in the dessert All wall made of 3d printed material just look like Clay. And We will feel how peaceful it is without the noise of the metropolitan city. This is a way for us contemplate and have a healthy self-quarantine I believe the post pandemic era civilization of new normal will be change We also need to provide space under the swimming pool since the water can be a shield again radiation. Of course, we should solve the breathable air and ready to use water. It should be covered with a kind of dome to keep the pressure. budi pradono architects / ESCAPE 0.2 : a post pandemic, a new way of living budipradono architects is a research based architecture & urbanism studio focusing on contemporary lifestyle, hospitality and urban design. with in-depth research as the basis of each of our design, we always respond to any changes that occur in nature and life into our architecture. ESCAPE 0.2 by budi pradono Our research is about understanding the post pandemic living space which has impacted the change of human in relationship with nature. As our digital society living on new digital life, we found the new possibility to create a new digital house. A new way of living that has a big impact on spaces as a response of human daily activities, the sensitivity of the human body to the quality of the nature, air circulation, space, & lighting “The pandemic has brought home the way in which our living environments can be disrupted,” In this 2021 NYCxDESIGN we developed four houses as translation of this new way of living in our post-pandemic digital society that highlighted the importance of living not only within walking or cycling distance of a green area but also on another space digitally. The concept we proposed is a new home, a kind of digital villa which people can enjoy digitally as an post pandemic escape . Virtually people can visit and enter the villa and the surrounding nature wherever we imagine, on the mountains, in the jungle, underwater or even on Mars where we can view Jupiter while enjoying coffee break. We can keep our distance while still doing our activities from wherever we are. I want to provide a new experience of how people live close to nature but at the same time enjoy the artistic villa beyond their standard of living in big cities Our proposed contemporary digital villas & remote working arrangements have opened up new opportunities for people to try out living in new countryside or in other places such as underwater or even in other planet without having to leave their places Learn more at : https://budipradono.com/ Public Lecture : ESCAPE 0.2 by budi pradono November 18, 2021 at 09.00 AM (New York) 09.00 PM (Jakarta) 03.00 PM (Prague) 11.00 PM (Tokyo) Register to join (free) : https://bit.ly/budipradonolectureregist Visit our instagram : https://instagram.com/studio_bpa?utm_... https://instagram.com/budi.pradono_re... for further detail please send your curiosity to: info@budipradono.com #elonmusk #mars #metaverse #budipradono #futurearchitecture #houseinmars #elon #xspace #xspacecivilization #nft #nftarchitecture #muskhouse #elonmuskhouse #nftart #nftcommunity

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