Saturday, December 14, 2013

Enjoy Lombok with Lombok International Bamboo Architecture Festival (LIBAF 2013)

If you ever come to a region that is located Senggigi Beach Lombok island of Indonesia? Then there is no harm if you come again on December 1 to 8 December 2013. On that date will be held a festival called "LOMBOK INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE BAMBOO FESTIVAL" or abbreviated LIBAF 2013. This festival is a festival of architectural works made from bamboo as the main result of Lombok Fesival held by Indonesian Institute Architects West Nusa Tenggara, IAI-NTB.  The festival is themed "Re-Design through Bamboo World" which means that it makes a natural designs by using bamboo as a main ingredient that is more friendly and can support environmental sustainability.

Participants and Goals Festival

The festival is aimed at inviting Local and foreign tourists to enter various areas of interest raised by the curators of architecture such as Budi Pardono (BPA), Asmudjo Jono Irianto, and Cristoph Tonges (CONBAM) With installation featuring 30 architectural works best with original materials of bamboo. The purpose of this event is to include: 

a. Supports the use of objects from nature such as bamboo as a form of preserving the environment and strives to improve the economic capacity of local human resources.

b. As a means to improve the creative economy through the development of world architects used ability by finding the best potential and demonstrated ability in the field of architectural appreciation.

c. For Senggigi beach is very beautiful and famous in the world , then the festival will be a form of art and culture of potential especially bamboo art installation which would provide new knowledge to the world of architecture.

d. With the introduction of a variety of art objects made from raw bamboo that is able to develop a regional festival of Lombok as a potential new industry that could invite tourists to come in handy for the economy and society.

The festival will be attended by 30 architects and artists from 16 countries, namely Germany, France , Vietnam , Canada , Russia , China , Thailand , UK , Japan , Malaysia , Belgium, Singapore, Spain and Indonesia. By looking at the participants we know that this event was organized with a very noble purpose for the advancement of the science of architecture and the development of related science to the world of architecture.

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