Monday, March 12, 2012

La Danza del Nastro in Helsinki by budi pradono architects

Strategy urbanity
The urban strategy in this design began with mapping the urban scale, especially to understand the traffic flow, both for pedestrians, cyclists, and users of public transportation such as buses and trains. Then we found the idea to develop the concept of ribbon. This ribbon has a new role, which is to unify the various diversities in Malmi, as well as a symbol of good wishes. On the other hand we also get inspiration from the ribbon resembled Air show maneuvers in Malmi. In our view that the Finnish identity is a natural lines, curved but has the simplicity to detail. Alvar Aalto also inspired us, in the scraping of modernism with a free flowing and natural lines.

The Dancing Ribbon as a device to activate the place. Create an extra ordinary space, as a device the dancing ribbon can be converted into several functions.

We used several models to enable us to create a scenario for each activity, as well as fatigue level of people who walk in this neighborhood. Several scenarios of this trip were made with ribbon, with different colors. At certain points we begin to unravel some of the activities that can be performed simultaneously at one point, be it sitting, to release the fatigue run, bike park, relaxing, studying, reading, or playing. All this activity started to activate a combination of several ribbons that intersect, or just complement each other.

Dancing Ribbon eventually became the main theme, which will articulate these spaces. Although built in several places but have the same material and themes. At certain points where urban transit is, useful as markers or landmarks, or stop as a place to unwind, as a new contemporary street furniture as well as a dynamic sculpture.

Materials and Details.
Dancing ribbon consists of a set of honeycomb structure of 6 segments, which has a base height of 15 cm and deforms in accordance with the movement of waves somewhere into 60 cm height, so that each hexagon has a different height. An array of 12 mm Cembrit fiber cement is clamped by a 3 mm stainless steel, at some point is supported by small pipe that forced the mass composition of this stand to be more dynamic and attractive.

Project Name: La dansa de Nastro
type: installation competition
architects: budi pradono architects
team: budi pradono, Stephanie Monieca, Rovinida Fitriana, Daryanto

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