Saturday, March 26, 2011

Form follow Mood ; Moody Couch karya Hanna Emelie Ernsting

Desainer muda Hanna Emelie Ernsting, melakukan experimen dengan bentuk yang fleksibel..filosofinya adalah ; Form Follow Moods, rancangan sofanya mengikuti emosi penggunanya. Rancangannya mengundang para user untuk mengekpresikan perasaannya. Jika ngantuk sekalian tidur di dalamnya. Atau hanya bersantai saja? Karya ini termasuk salah satu pemenang dari D3 talent award, bisa disaksikan pada IMM Cologne Furniture fair
The seating series by the designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting consists of three pieces: Moody Couch, Moody Nest and Moody Bag. Though on first sight, formally quite different, they follow the same idea: “form follows moods”. According to the designer, the origin of this concept is the observation that in the modern world, people forget how to relax and calm down. This is where the Moody series ties in: It invites the user to express feelings and “let go”. Doing so leaves traces, causing the product to resemble the moods of its user in various shapes and forms and making the products seem alive.
Designer Hanna Ernsting says: “Moody is the interpretation of the sofa as a place of expression and communication. The focus lies in the mood of the user.”
Developing the product series, the designer experimented with flexible forms and innovative materials. To give the pieces more flexibility and softer shapes, she extended the cover of the sofa up to 3 meters in length. Meanwhile she worked with various techniques, achieving structure and stability of the material, and making it shapeable and more functional. Besides methods such as quilting, stitching and wadding, she worked with new materials, such as 3D textile, still quite unknown in the furniture industry.
Moody Couch won D3 Talents Award 2. prize and will be presented at the furniture fair IMM Cologne 

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